DSP Processors

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DisplayLCD 2x24 Character BacklitLCD 2x24 Character BacklitLCD 2x24 Character BacklitLCD 2x24 Character Backlit LCD
ControlTC/IP, USB, RS485USB, RS485USB, RS485USB, RS485 RS485
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz (0.25dB)20Hz-20kHz (0.25dB)20Hz-20kHz (0.5dB)20Hz-20kHz (0.25dB)  
Input/Output Connectors8in 8out Balanced Phoneix4in 4out Balanced XLR2in 6out Balanced XLR2in 4out Balanced XLR  
Power SupplyInternalInternalInternalInternal5V DC 
Dimensions (WxDxH)483x250x44.5mm483x250x44.5mm483x250x44.5mm483x250x44.5mm75x35x115mm 
Rated Power     12vDC
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