Powered Line Arrays

The Powered Compact Line Array Systems are designed for sound reinforcement where energy control is required. The systems comprises internal amplification, subwoofer, four full range line array cabinets, as well as programmable DSP control. The cabinets are mechanically connected using a three-point suspension system, and integral rigging allows flexibility in a variety of array configurations. The Powered Compact Line Array Systems are suitable for Halls, Auditoriums, Performing Arts, Houses of Worship and other medium sized venues.

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Packaged and sold inSystemSystem
Frequency Response (-3dB)65Hz-40kHz65Hz-40kHz
Dispersion (H x V)120° x (30°-90°) adjustable120° x (30°-90°) adjustable
Rated Power (RMS)R8 (L): 300W; R4 (M/H): 4x75WR8 (L): 300W; R4 (M/H); 4x75W
Rated SPL (1m)115dB115dB
Max SPL (1m)121dB121dB
Driver(s)L: 2x8"; M: 4x(2x4"); H: 4xRibbonL: 2x8"; M: 4x(2x4"); H: 4xRibbon
Dimensions (WxDxH)L: 492x608x336; M/H (x4): 492x250x542mmL: 492x608x336; M/H (x4): 492x250x542mm
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